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A Rainbow of Gifts!

Party season is coming, and with it, a million reasons to give gifts! I loooove gift-giving. I think maybe my favorite gifts to buy are for showers or for hostess gifts. It’s just so lovely to choose something that you know the recipient will love and use in their home. With spring coming I got all inspired to put together a rainbow of gift ideas in case you’re on the lookout for the perfect gift for one of your pals. And more fun news – the team at AllModern is starting a series of curated gift guides, design to help streamline your shopping and highlight some of the coolest pieces on the site! Today’s guide is curated by (you guessed it) yours truly! The picks you see here are just a preview, be sure to go see the full guide and sale for lots more rainbow-inspired pieces!

Rainbow of Gifts

Pillow. Apple notes. Rhino eraser. Flamingo. Le Creuset. Clock. Awesome pillow. Sofa. Toast rack. Towel. Robot. Timer. Vases. Pouf. Blanket. Hourglass. Eye pillow. Dachshund.

Doesn’t it just make you want to get a little color in your life? How fun would it be to give that bright yellow loveseat to a pair of happy newlyweds? Or the little apple note paper to your kid’s teacher? And I’m just saying — maybe you could give yourself a little something fun (Awesome pillow anyone?).

Be sure to head over to AllModern and see the rest of Lovely Indeed’s curated sale. There are tons more colorful picks to help inspire your gifting this spring. Happy giving! xoxo

P.S. More gift guides right here!

This post is presented in partnership with AllModern. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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4 thoughts on “A Rainbow of Gifts!

  1. LOVE the toast holder. I feel like having a toast caddy is like…THE THING to have in order to call yourself super fancy. “I couldn’t possibly STACK my toast! ON A PLATE!! What am I, an animal??”

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