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A Pinky Promise from Me to You


Image by Baby Teej.

I just wanted to take a sec to keep it real and chat with you guys about something that’s been on my mind lately. You’re probably noticing more frequent sponsors and partnerships between Lovely Indeed and various brands these days. I just want to be extremely open and honest with you about those sponsorships, and explain what they actually mean.

Lovely Indeed, surprisingly and awesomely enough, has become my full-time work. And I love it. I love every second of what I do here. I love searching for cool stuff to show you guys, I love creating projects that I hope you’ll try, I love talking to you about marriage and style and food and everything else under the sun. I spend my days doing work for the blog, during hours when lots of folks are at their 9-5 jobs. And so, like many other full-time bloggers, I have started partnering with brands who want to bring their products to you in order to create an income for myself.

What I want to say to you, though, is this: I hope that you will always trust me to bring you only the brands that I truly think you’ll love. I pinky promise that there’s no “sell out” happening here — I always strive to partner with companies that I love, and who are in line with the Lovely Indeed vibe. And what’s more, you’ll always know when content is sponsored — I tell you right out in the open, so you know what’s up.

So as always, I’m so grateful that you’re here and that you keep coming back. And I’m grateful for your understanding of the way that this world works. Thank you for being the coolest readers in blogland, and for supporting the sponsors that support us here at Lovely Indeed. xoxo

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8 thoughts on “A Pinky Promise from Me to You

  1. your sponsored posts have not taken anything away from the genuine integrity and sweetness of this place, but i think it’s great that you put it all out there and pink swore :).

    congrats to you times a million!

  2. Soooo lovely to see an honest blogger and I admire your success so why should anyone complain about sponsorship – its what enables bloggers to work hard on producing such wonderful, inspiring creative content! Really DO keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. I always get really frustrated when i see that commenters give bloggers a hard time for sponsors. Great quality blogging takes time and energy and money and you deserve to be paid for that. Congratulations. Making a living off of what you love is a really beautiful thing.

  4. I was reluctant to comment but decided to give it a go (hoping you won’t hate me forever). The funny thing is, I was feeling a bit sad about all the sponsorships. I thought, “Man, another one of my favorite bloggers ‘sells out’.

    I realize that this is your job and you have to make a living somehow, but seeing to many of my favorite people choose quantity over quality is really disheartning. Hearing your honesty and being able to trust who you partner with (as dumb as it sounds) is really soothing.

    You really are one of my faves. Thanks for staying true. As Rachel said, making a living off of what you love really is a lovely thing. <3


  5. I appreciate your honesty and I love your blog. I am a new reader and I check out the sponsors that you post and I definitely think they fit the blog. No worries here, your blog has true quality.

Free Email Series

Cozy + Creative!

Five Projects and Recipes for a Festive Fall.

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