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A Love List

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My very first blog post ever was a list. This list, to be exact. I used to make these all the time, just lists upon lists of the things that I loved and made me happy. Sometimes it feels like there’s just too much good stuff to keep track of and it helps me appreciate it all to write it down. I haven’t felt like writing one in years, but today I was nursing Maggie and Ryan was outside in the backyard with Henry and the sun was shining and it was all just too wonderful so a list poured out of me. Here are some things I love.

the back of Maggie’s head
sandwiches for lunch
joining the people who want to make a difference
a breeze when it’s too hot
last minute parties with good friends
when Henry responds to a yes or no question with “Sure, Mommy”
watermelon season
leg day
watching Ryan be a dad
performing with old theatre friends
wearing a skirt just because
pellet ice
traveling with the kids
singing Disney songs with Henry
sunlight through green leaves
inside jokes with my husband
a fresh manicure
a clean house
being still

How about you? xoxo

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3 thoughts on “A Love List

  1. I just got a little teary-eyed reading that November 2008 flashback and coming across this line: “if I was Laura I would create a perfect poem.”

    One of the things on my love list is you and your friendship. To this day I still feel a bit in Awe when someone whom I so appreciate and admire would appreciate and admire me back….I can vividly recollect the sensation of being an awkward, uncertain high school girl who did mental double takes on the daily when she realized that Chelsea Costa was treating her like a friend. It’s been so inspiring to watch your journey unfold and to be able to share my journey with you.

    Friendship is such a funny thing. We form our little tribes and circles and we open up parts of our heart to those folks who feel like they were probably in our hearts all along. Sometimes friendships fall apart or change in unrecognizable ways, and sometimes they are repaired. No two are the same. No friendship moves through our life without altering it in some way—usually for the better.

    “Because I [know] you, I have been changed for Good.”

    I love you, Chelsea girl.

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