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a letter to NYC

Dear New York City,

I’m leaving today. And I won’t lie — I’m excited to hit the road. But I would be lying if I said I’m not going to miss it here, or that the last five years haven’t been the best of my life. So I owe you some thanks.

Thank you for welcoming me with open arms when I showed up bright eyed and clueless. Thank you for teaching me things along the way — things like the importance of carrying an umbrella (even in the summer), how to navigate the subway, where the clean bathrooms are, which restaurants have the best burgers, and how to maximize 500 square feet. Thank you for seeing me through the end of my 20’s, for showing me what I’m capable of, and for drawing an independence and confidence out in me that I didn’t know was there to begin with.

Thank you for the spring days in Brooklyn, summers on the patio at Blockheads, fall walks in Central Park, and that one winter where everyone came to my birthday at Calle Ocho, despite the blizzard that dropped two feet of snow. And furthermore, thank you for giving me some of the best friends I could ask for.

Thank you for the dreams come true — running to and from auditions, doing readings in the city, touring the country doing musical theatre, and performing on the Radio City stage. Thank you for the celebrity sightings, the beautiful buildings, the awful tourists, and the hot dog vendors.

Thank you for introducing me to my husband, and for being the backdrop of our extraordinary story. Thank you for the kindness you have shown us, and for understanding that it’s time for us to go.

Thank you for making me a better version of myself than I was when I got here. I know that when I see you again it will be as old friends who didn’t say “goodbye,” but “see you later.” Because I’m sure I’ll be back. But even though I know I’ll miss this:

I won’t miss it more than I’m excited about this.

Thank you for everything. You really are the greatest city in the world. xoxo

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16 thoughts on “a letter to NYC

  1. Wishing you the best of luck on your move! Excited to have another crafty blogger make the move West like I did! =)

  2. Thank YOU for writing the love/thank you letter to NYC that I never got around to writing (I think it may be because my chapter there is not over, although I have no plan for when it would begin again). And welcome home, friend. Can’t wait to see you guys.

  3. That Was Beautiful!!!! You made me think of how thankful I am for this city and what I would say in the same type of letter….. I’d thank NYC for bringing You & Ryan to Peter & I!!! We Love You Both!!!! Stay Well & In Touch!!!! J.

  4. As an NYC-dweller who’s kind of dying to leave right now, this has me crying very bittersweet tears.

    1. Aw, Erin. It’s tough, isn’t it? The city is really more like a person than a place with regards to the relationship and feelings you build toward it.

Free Email Series

Easter Outside the Basket!

5 DIYs for a Creative + Colorful Easter

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