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A Giving Tree


“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”
-Hamilton Wright Mabie

A conspiracy of love?! How awesome is that turn of phrase? And ol’ Hamilton was right, the holiday season does feel that way, doesn’t it? It’s the most beautiful time to give of yourself, share joy, and spread love. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and this year I have something that I’m so grateful for I can hardly believe it. Since having Henry, I’ve been teaming up with Pampers for a few different projects, and this year they offered their partners an incredible opportunity: a $2,500 grant to use in their community as they see fit, to help make life #BetterforBaby. Pampers believes that babies are the most powerful agents of change in the world, and when a baby comes into your life, you’ll do anything you can to be better for that little one. So they entrusted us with the honor of using the grant money in our community to help make a difference.

My absolute first thought was one of my favorite local holiday traditions — the Soroptomist Community Christmas Tree. Each year, our Soroptomist chapters partner with social services agencies and city schools to create a list of disadvantaged youth, from birth to age 17. Their needs are notated, and each kid gets a card with their needs and a couple of Christmas wish items written on it. You’ll see everything from diapers, to warm winter coats, to backpacks, to bicycles — these kids need it all. Each card gets clipped to the tree and hundreds of community members come to take cards, purchase the needed items, and return them to be wrapped and given to the kids. It’s the most beautiful example of giving, from the organization that it takes to run the project, to the people who come and purchase the gifts. And because of the tree, there are thousands of babies and kids in our community who are outfitted with basic needs like diapers and clothes (and who get a special gift or two that would perhaps not otherwise be possible). This year is the tree’s 30th anniversary, which is incredible in and of itself.


We went as a family to the tree last weekend to drop off the grant donation, and to pick a name from the tree ourselves as well. It was perhaps one of the coolest experiences I’ve been afforded in this crazy blogging career. There was no big ceremony, no party, nothing special — just the joy of being able to give back to my own community and to help give a few little ones a special Christmas. The grant money will be used to help complete the need and wish lists for multiple babies, kids, and families.

Sometimes I look around at my family and friends as we spend time with Henry and I get overwhelmed with gratitude at how much love and support there is surrounding us. And other times my heart feels heavy at the thought that there are babies growing up in the world who might not have that. But sometimes combating that heavy heart is as simple as doing something. Trying to make a difference. Taking part in the conspiracy of love. So many thanks to Pampers for spreading that around to make things #BetterforBaby, and to all of the wonderful people in all of our local communities who are helping to make a difference. (Check this out for more about #BetterforBaby — or if you need a good cry.)

Wishing you all a beautiful Thanksgiving, and hoping that you have a million things to be thankful for. xoxo


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3 thoughts on “A Giving Tree

  1. It was so beautiful of Pampers to do this. It’s nice to remember this again, even though you posted it almost a year ago.

Free Email Series

Do Disneyland Right

5 Lessons for a Magical Visit, from a Former Cast Member

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