A Beautiful Cause


Have you come across iSanctuary yet? It’s short for International Sanctuary — it’s a jewelry company that helps survivors of human trafficking. That’s really a nutshell version of what they do. The company employs people who have made it out of the human trafficking system with the goal of helping them reintegrate and find community. Everything, from making the jewelry, to packaging, shipping, inventory, and beyond — it’s all done by survivors.

It’s hard to talk about the actual accessories while there’s so much to share about the cause behind them, but suffice to to say that they make gorgeous pieces and you should definitely take some time to explore them all. The new Spring and Summer line is full of pieces that I’m loving! They recently sent me this chevron necklace, and I wear it with everything.



Also, if you have a minute, read through their about page, too. It’s incredible what they’re accomplishing — employing women in India and the U.S., creating education and advocacy programs, and spreading the word about how to help. And by the way, if you’re interested in getting involved, there’s info here! Check it out. xoxo


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  1. What a wonderful thing! A lovely piece of jewelry and someone’s really outstanding contribution to the world. Heroes.

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