Blogging // The Comparison Trap

Blogging // The Comparison Trap

This is a topic that’s been clanging around inside of my heart recently. Blogging can be such an inspiring world — there’s an endless stream of insane creativity that gets splashed over the internet every day. But sometimes I find…Read More

Paris // Places to Eat

The café culture in Paris is just… cool. Grab two seats on the sidewalk, and don’t face each other – face out. Both of you. Because it’s all about people watching. And those Parisians are good at taking their time!…Read More

Paris // Places to Shop

I was actually shocked that I didn’t buy more things in Paris, but it turned out that the window shopping was so delicious I didn’t even have to. The shops are so beautifully curated and cared for, and they’re tucked…Read More

Paris // Things To Do

Okay. This is nearly impossible. But I’m going to do my best to not gush about every single thing, and just give you the lowdown of our very faves from Paris. We were there for a little over two weeks…Read More

Pieces of Paris II

My very favorites of the last few days have been chocolat chaud and croissants on a drizzly morning, a trip to the most wonderful flea market, spotting all of the beautiful hidden doors, and a perfect picnic watching the sun…Read More

Pieces of Paris

Just a few bits and pieces of Paris so far. (I’ll definitely do a recommendations post when we’re back!) We’ve been wandering through this most perfect city with big grins on our faces. This place surely can’t be real. I’m…Read More

Oh, Paris

Original photo by the lovely Jenn Elliott Blake of Scout. We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for some beyond exciting news. Mr. Lovely and I have been hatching a plan for our anniversary trip this year and things finally came…Read More

Maggie // Five Months

Sweet Marguerite is a 5-month-old nugget! She’s coming alive, and I’m feeling more and more like we have two kids instead of a kid and an infant. I know she’s still a tiny little thing, but milestones are piling up…Read More

Married Life

Married Life // Prepping for Two Kids

Guys, these days when I think of Ryan and I preparing for Kid #2, I almost feel like we should be gearing up to do battle. Not that having a single kid is easy by any means, but when there’s…Read More