DIY Leather Piggy Bank

DIY Leather Piggy Bank

College ain’t getting any cheaper any time soon, kids, and so little Henry needed a piggy bank! I had been wanting to put together a bank for him ever since he came along and his Papa gave him his very…Read More

DIY Leather and Cement Checkers Game

DIY Leather and Cement Checkers Game

Hey hey game night lovers! We’re kicking off this year’s DIY game night series today! I’m starting to think these DIY games are my very favorite things to make. Aside from the fact that I love me a game night,…Read More

DIY Leather Fringe Necklace

DIY Leather Fringe Pendant Necklace

Leatherrrrrrr! I haven’t done a leather DIY in quite a while, and it’s just been too long. You guys know how I love the stuff. And this project just takes a few scraps, so you could even upcycle some leather…Read More

DIY Leather Shamrock Keychain

I love, love, love quick and simple. If I can be creative and come up with something that will take me all of ten minutes but still look awesome, I consider that a great day. So I was pumped when…Read More

DIY Leather Shape Keychains

It’s time for another leather keychain DIY! This time, we’re getting fancy and stitching together leather shapes to carry our keys around in style. I recently went to my favorite leather shop and picked up some new goodies, so I…Read More

DIY Leather Passport Holder

I’m so antsy, because next week we leave for our anniversary trip! We’ll be heading to NYC for a few days to visit friends, and then heading to Europe for a couple of weeks. While we’re still stateside, I thought…Read More

DIY Faux Leather Ottoman

Soooooo this project was kind of ambitious for me. You guys know that any sewing I do is pretty much in a straight line and two-dimensional. In my head, this one seemed easy so I decided to give it a…Read More