Family Recipes // Merry Christmas Cookies

When my sister, my cousins, and I were little these cookies were all we wanted during Christmas at Grammie’s house. She would bake a whole bunch and let us frost and decorate them (I would always load mine up with…Read More

Family Recipes // Grammie’s Apple Pie

Last year right around this time, I made my first ever pie. It’s my Grammie’s family-famous apple pie recipe, and it’s kind of a big deal in my neck of the woods. When I told my mom last year I…Read More

Family Recipes // Kale & Barley Soup

Now if I’m being honest, this soup is known in my family as “Grandma’s Green Soup.” But I didn’t think that would get very many people excited. So Kale & Barley soup it is. I feel like my Grandma always…Read More

Family Recipes // Pumpkin Nut Roll

I come from a long line of women on both sides of my family who are absolute warriors in the kitchen. On my mom’s side, my Grammie and her sisters would always call each other back and forth to ask…Read More

Sugar and spice almond crunch recipe for the holidays

Spiced Almond Crunch Recipe for the Holidays

This is one of those recipes that’s perfect for making and sharing around the holidays! If you need something sweet and easy to give to neighbors, teachers, and family friends, this is it. This spiced almond crunch recipe for the…Read More

How to start meal planning

How to Start Meal Planning

I can always count on you guys! I recently asked for some help on Instagram stories because we’ve been floundering in the dinner department, big time. We make the same few dishes over and over, and usually that’s because we…Read More