Know Your Mind

2018 Free Downloads for Inspiration

Another year. Another beautiful year, and who knows what in the world is gonna happen? For the past few years I’ve made these type of non-resolution intentions for the new year. (2012. 2013. 2014. 2015. 2016. 2017.) I still love those, and they guided…Read More

Floral and wire words

DIY Floral and Wire Words + Free Download

After our flower messages last year with Flower Muse, I wanted to revamp the project a little so that you could transport it and even hang it on a wall! What’s prettier than something said with flowers, guys? Nothing, that’s…Read More

Glitter Desktop Wallpaper Download with Sprout

Since my last project using HP’s Sprout, I’ve been getting to know the machine a little better and testing the boundaries of what it can do. This time around I wanted to use the overhead camera and scanner features a…Read More

xoxo Wallpaper and Printable Postcard

Valentine Postcards + Wallpaper Download

While we’re getting used to being parents, I’ve invited a few of my darling blog pals to stop by and share a post or two with you! I’m so grateful for the awesome folks who have been helping out, and…Read More

DIY Typography Garden Markers

DIY Typography Garden Marker Download

Doing a little early spring gardening this weekend? This oldie but goodie project is the perfect companion for your little seedlings. Find the full DIY and freebie download here. These typography garden markers will help you keep your garden organized…Read More