How to Make Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies for Valentine's Day

DIY Valentine Ideas

We’ve got a spankin’ new recipe coming atcha tomorrow, but today I got all nostalgic and wanted to share a few of our greatest hits in the Valentine’s Day DIY category! Looking back, some of my favorite projects we’ve ever…Read More

DIY Valentine's Day Photo Backdrop

DIY Valentine Photo Backdrop

We haven’t done a photo backdrop in forever! I was pumped to put together a quick and easy little Valentine photo backdrop for some family photos. (Please note the absence of good ol’ Hank in these “family photos” — he…Read More

DIY Valentine Crackers

Who says crackers are just for Christmas?! Not this guy. I made some DIY Christmas crackers as gifts this year and decided to use my leftover cracker snaps on some DIY Valentine crackers too. Waste not, want not, y’all. Just…Read More

diy valentine-off ii

If you remember last year, you know that Mr. Lovely and I started a little tradition of DIY-ing valentines for each other.  Last year he beat me to a pulp, and this time around he somehow topped himself. This year…Read More

diy valentine wish bracelet

I’ve been into modeling clay recently and I got an itch to try out some handmade beads.  But then I needed a place to put them, so that turned into this. Gather your materials. Fimo modeling clay baking pan &…Read More

diy valentine: reusable coffee sleeves

It’s totally time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day!  I know what you’re thinking — Valentine’s Day?!  I just finished Christmas!  What’s next?  Halloween again? And you would be right.  But!  If you want to get your DIY on, you’ve…Read More

diy valentine-off: the lovelies

Last night, in preparation for Valentine’s Day, Mr. Lovely and I hid from each other while we got our DIY on.  We decided this year, instead of buying gifts, to get a little crafty and make each other something.  I…Read More

diy valentine: twirly heart

Okay, friends, here’s the last of the grown-up Valentine extravaganza!  Today’s project is quick and easy, and just a little whimsical. Grab some cardboard or cardstock, cut it into a 2 inch x 2 inch square, and glue some colored…Read More