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30 by 32

I have to tell you — these “30 by…” lists have become such a cool part of my life.  They’re an awesome chance to make goals (big and small), and to daydream about things that I truly want to accomplish.  And you lovelies, whether you know it or not, are keeping me accountable.  So here’s to another year, and another batch of amazingness to make the year full.  xoxo

1.  Do one unassisted pull-up.

2.  See Delaware and at least one other U.S. state I haven’t yet visited{Completed Delaware 5/22/12 & Arizona 8/10/12.}

3.  Travel internationally.

4.  Figure out an in-home photo studio setup.

5.  Create a product to sell through the blog{Completed 5/21/12.}

6.  Completely organize my iTunes and photos on my computer{Completed 7/30/12.}

7.  Make a cinemagraph.

8.  Read through my camera manual.

9.  Shoot and edit an HD video.  {Completed 8/7/12.}

10.  Be able to plank for 3 minutes.

11.  Improve my posture.

12.  Improve my vocabulary.

13.  Triple my blog readership(Completed 2/13/13. Holy crap, can’t believe that one actually happened.)

14.  Make at least part-time income from blogging.

15.  Learn to fiddle.

16.  Learn basic banjo.

17.  Edit together the videos of our wedding and honeymoon{Completed 1 & 2 5/25/12.}

18.  Give my good friend a killer shower/bachelorette party. {Wasn’t able to plan it, but WAS able to attend both her East Coast and West Coast festivities! Calling it good 5/27/12.}

19.  Devise a five-year life plan {Completed 8/12/10.}

20.  Visit the Hamptons{Completed 5/16/12.}

21.  Make my own sushi.

22.  Sew a piece of clothing I’d actually wearIf accessories count, I’m all good with this one.

23.  Reach my ideal weight.

24.  Have a drink at the Stone Rose Lounge{Completed 5/9/12.}

25.  Sing in an open mic or cabaret{Completed 9/16/12.}

26.  Have a picnic. {Completed 3/29/12.}

27.  DIY an awesome manicure. {Completed 4/2/12.}

28. Experiment with watercolor paints{Completed 5/10/12.}

29.  Find the perfect leopard ballet flats.  {Completed 8/12/10.}

30.  Take a dare from a reader.  Dare me to do something and I’ll pick the best dare — and DO IT.

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8 thoughts on “30 by 32

  1. For 27, you should do a water marble! There are a lot of tutorial videos on youtube. I’ve done it a few times, trust me it takes practice, but the finished product is outta control. I’ve posted a few pictures of mine on facebook C:

  2. As a side note, I look forward to reading your blog everyday! It’s great. For #30, I dare you to read 2 novels each month (or at least one if you rarely have time to read).

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