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30 by 31

After much pondering, listing, erasing, and revising, the much awaited list has arrived!  I had such a great time with my 30 by 30 last year, I decided to carry on the tradition (and wrap up the few things I didn’t get to) with a 30 by 31.  For a second I thought about upping the list every year to match my age, but what happens when I get to 90?  I think making and completing 30 goals by each birthday is plenty, so that’s what I’m sticking with.  And here’s what we have in store for this year — the first year of my thirties.  xoxo

1.  Do one unassisted pull-up.

2.  See Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Delaware. {Completed 3 of 4 as of 2/24/12.}

3.  Learn how to rag knit{Completed 10/26/11.}

4.  Complete 30 hours of concentrated piano practice.  {Completed 16 hrs. as of 2/10/12.}

5.  Find and buy something fabulous from a thrift shop in the East Village{Completed 11/18/11.}

6.  Be consistent with a food journal{Calling this one good.}

7.  Go up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty.  {Currently on pause – no crown tickets available.}

8.  Have a beach bonfire{Completed 9/9/11.}

9.  See World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure{Completed 9/6/11.}

10.  Write my Grandma once a week{Mostly completed 1/8/12.}

11.  Double my blog readership{Completed 9/1/11.)

12.  Get an agent.

13.  Re-read The Borrowers. {Completed 6/1/11.}

14.  Eat a dessert with bacon in it{Completed 7/10/11.}

15.  See a concert.

16.  Run a 10K(Completed 8/13/11.)

17.  Watch Life is Beautiful{Completed 7/14/11.}

18.  Visit my family at least three times. {Trip #1 Completed 5/1/11; #2 Completed 5/25/11.; #3 Completed 9/1/11.}

19.  Paint along with an old Bob Ross episode{Completed 2/3/12.}

20.  Re-memorize the 50 states and their capitals in alphabetical order. {Completed 11/19/11.}

21.  Stop and enjoy my wedding day{Completed 8/20/11.}

22.  Make macarons from scratch. {Completed 5/10/11.}

23.  See my bestie. {Completed 4/22/11.}

24.  DIY a pinata. {Completed 5/13/11.}

25.  Make my own guacamole recipe. {Completed 5/5/11.}

26.  Take a dance class that scares me{Completed 11/17/11.}

27.  Sing in a choir{Completed 9/17/11.}

28.  Teach my niece something{Completed 5/28/11.}

29.  Book another show. {Completed 4/22/11.}

30.  Readers’ choice!  Leave a comment with a goal for me to accomplish — something exciting, attainable, and awesome.

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