30 by 31: homemade french macarons

For some reason, I thought it would be brilliant to add “Make macarons from scratch” to my 30 by 31.  Clearly, I did this without much research and with optimism in my heart, because apparently french macarons are some of the most difficult things to make correctly.  Nevertheless, Mr. Lovely and I pushed through, and have created what I believe are semi-passable macarons.  I’m proud.

After a ton of research and reading online, I came across this article on Not So Humble Pie.  Ms. Humble has done her research, and there is everything you could possibly need to know for your first time baking macarons all wrapped up in this little (and by little I mean huge) blog post.  Skim through it if you have the time — the research and prep that she does is amazing!

In any case, we took lots of Ms. Humble’s advice, added a few ideas of our own (a drop of vanilla, adjusted baking time, etc.) and things worked out for the most part.  My macarons actually got feet, none of them cracked, and they more or less stayed put in the shape that I made them!  The only bummer is that lots of them are hollow.  That could be attributed to a few different things (prep work, oven time/temperature, baking sheets).  But for now, I’m calling it a success.

We filled half of our macarons with strawberry preserves, and the other half with blackberry.  These little darlings were our Mother’s Day dessert, and while they weren’t perfect, they were quite the smash.  We did it!  xoxo

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