30 by 31: bacon ice cream

One of the 30 by 31 goals that I’ve been particularly looking forward to is #14:  Eat a Dessert With Bacon In It.  I’m not really sure how or why this ended up on my list — maybe it’s because the whole bacon-on-dessert thing has become so trendy and I’ve never tried it.  In any case, I was up for the challenge.

My Cowgirls roomie, Sarah, found a cool new brewery in town that just so happened to have something on their menu that would fit the bill:  brown sugar bread pudding with bourbon sauce and bacon ice cream.  Done.  We all trooped over after the show one night for some food and to cross this one off my list.

But lo and behold, when we got there, they had stopped serving dessert!  I was bummed — until, that is, Sarah sneakily sweet-talked the chef into bringing me just a scoop of the bacon ice cream.  So we feasted!  It was kind of bizarre at first; sweet, and then breakfast-y.  But delicious nonetheless.  The chef came and told us about how they make it in house (three pounds of raw bacon in every batch!).  And then we let it melt and dipped our fries in it.  Obviously.  Three cheers for Sarah, and for the folks at Mad Crow Brewery!  xoxo

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