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30 by 30 wrap-up

Well, Lovelies, it happened.  I’m 30, and nothing exploded or melted down.  In fact, I have this weird sneaking feeling that my 30’s are going to be kind of amazing.  While I ponder on that for a bit, here’s a breakdown of how things shook out with my 30 by 30.  Did I finish it completely?  Nope.  Did I do way more cool stuff on it than I thought I would?  Yep.  So I’m gonna label it a big fat success.  Check it out.


  • 2.  Find a new apartment. {Completed 10/30/10.}
  • 4. Write another song for my niece, and record all of the songs that I’ve sung for her. {Completed 11/24/10.}
  • 5. Ride the Wonder Wheel at Coney Island. {Completed 10/3/10.}
  • 7. Take an impromptu trip to a place I’ve never been. {Completed 1/30/11.}
  • 8. Do a YouTube ukulele collaboration video with Ryan. {Completed 2/24/11.} (Keep an eye peeled for this one.)
  • 10. Complete 30 hours of concentrated vocal practice. {Completed as of 1/22/11.}
  • 11. Re-read James and the Giant Peach. {Completed 9/22/10.}
  • 12. Fix the buttons that have popped off of my couch. {Completed 11/2/10.}
  • 14. See every Broadway show that opens between now and my birthday. {Completed shows that had opened before I left town for tour.  1/10/11.}
  • 15. Make my own sangria recipe. {Completed 12/25/10.}
  • 16. Make a stop-motion video. {Completed 10/15/10.}
  • 17. Do a successful handstand. {Completed 2/22/11.}
  • 18. Embroider something. {Completed 12/9/10.}
  • 20.  Go to at least one choral concert. {Completed 10/15/10.}
  • 21. DIY this shower curtain. {Completed 12/1/10.}
  • 22. Reorganize our bookshelves. {Completed 11/11/10.}
  • 23. Delete MySpace. {Completed 9/21/10.}
  • 24. Watch a sunrise. {Completed 10/17/10.}
  • 25.  Bake these cupcakes. {Completed 10/13/10.}
  • 27. Eat at ABC Kitchen. {Completed 1/9/11.}
  • 28.  Watch the final episodes of Pushing Daisies. {Completed 10/25/10.}
  • 29.  Learn one dramatic and one comedic monologue. {Completed 2/15/11.}
  • 30. Leaving this one up to YOU — whaddaya think #30 should be?  (Update: Calling this one good – I booked a year-long national tour, which sounds like an excellent #30 to me.)  {Completed 11/1/11.}


  • 1.  Do one unassisted pull-up.  (But I’m SO close!)
  • 3.  See New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and Delaware.  (Time got cut short when I headed out on tour.  Planning to do this in the coming year.)
  • 6.  Learn how to rag knit.  (Will tackle it as soon as tour ends.)
  • 9.  Complete 30 hours of concentrated piano practice.  (Only did 6.5 hours.  Will try again as soon as there’s a piano at my disposal.)
  • 13.  Find and buy something fabulous from a thrift shop in the East Village.  (Again, ran out of time when tour commenced.  We’ll get this one done!)
  • 19.  Be consistent with a food journal.  (This one was hit and miss.  Will persevere.)
  • 26.  Go up to the crown of the Statue of Liberty.  (Plans were foiled when rehearsal was scheduled the day I had tickets!  Can’t wait to do it when we’re back in the city.)


  • Have been consistent with Lovely Indeed and have built my readership up a bit (thank you, Lovelies!).  And started guest blogging at The Sweetest Occasion — super exciting.
  • Booked two readings of awesome new musicals in NYC.
  • Challenged myself to take an advanced rock music performance class.  It, well, rocked.
  • Was able to be with my family to see my niece baptized.
  • Figured out a way to tour and work with Mr. Lovely.

Phewph!  When I look at it in list form, it’s kind of overwhelming!  It’s been an excellent challenge, and I’m kind of already considering making another for the next birthday — a 30 by 31, maybe?  I’ll think it over and let you know.  And guys, I want you to join in the fun!  Let’s all do it, and encourage each other.  Who’s got a list going?  xoxo

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5 thoughts on “30 by 30 wrap-up

  1. Okay, Chelsea, I’m working on my own 30 by 30 list… my deadline is January 15, 2012. Congrats on so many lovely accomplishments!

Free Email Series

Easter Outside the Basket!

5 DIYs for a Creative + Colorful Easter

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