10 No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas You Need to Try

DIY Paint Pen Patterned No-Carve Pumpkins

I’m assuming that parenthood is going to come with years and years of pumpkin guts and toothy, carved jack-o-lanterns, especially now that Henry is old enough to ask for what he wants. But that’s not stopping me from my old no-carve ways. So in case you feel the same, here are 10 no-carve pumpkin ideas you need to try!

Copper Herringbone Pumpkins

Some metallic paint pens are all you need to make these herringbone beauties.

DIY No-Carve Copper Herringbone Pumpkins

Tiny Message Pumpkins

So cute you’ll barely be able to stand it.

DIY Tiny Message Pumpkins

Nailhead Trim Pumpkins

One of our first no-carve pumpkin ideas and still a fan favorite! The nail head trim looks great on gray pumpkins.

DIY Furniture Nail Pumpkins

Hocus Pocus Quote Pumpkins

Everybody’s favorite Halloween movie makes an appearance on our gourds!

DIY Hocus Pocus Quote Pumpkins

Painted Mini Pumpkins

Spray paint really is the answer to everything.

DIY Painted Mini Pumpkins

Patterned Pumpkins

Black and white look perfect together on these mini patterned cuties.

DIY Paint Pen Patterned No-Carve Pumpkins

Gold Leaf Dipped Pumpkins

Because it wouldn’t be a Lovely Indeed roundup without some gold leaf.

DIY Gold Leaf Dipped Pumpkin

Geometric Gold Pattern Pumpkins

Our very favorite gold paint pens put to good use!

String and Nail Art Pumpkins

Make them say anything you like!

Gold Botanical Art Pumpkins

A pretty floral pattern with our favorite gold pens!

Painted pumpkins with a botanical gold pattern for fall

What’s your favorite? Are there any that you’ve already tried? I love brainstorming new ways to avoid ever having to cut into a pumpkin. But I guess the dream can’t last forever — so maybe next year we’ll cover “the easiest way to carve a pumpkin with two toddlers” and call it good. 😉 xoxo

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