10 Fab Winter Coats

So the last time I had to buy a coat was when I was living in NYC. Obviously, the winters there require some serious coat game if you want to stay cozy while you’re running around. Since I’ve lived in California, I haven’t had to worry too much about a coat because the winters here are like oooh, brrrr, it’s 60 degrees. I mean, toss a sweater on and get over it. But either it’s getting colder or I’m getting soft, because I’m freezing! And I finally need to get my act together and spend some of my Christmas dough on a little something new to occupy my coat rack. Been pulling together some of my faves, and I thought I’d share!

10 Fab Winter Coats

Pastel Pink Collarless Coat
Faux Fur Leopard Coat
Blanket Wrap Coat
Red Boiled Wool Walker Coat
Pink Boucle Coat with Inset Bib
Persimmon Collarless Coat
Notch Collar Coat
Yellow Two-Way Coat
Check Plaid Toggle Coat
A-Line Babydoll Coat

I’m thinking maybe something with a little color, yeah? That yellow one actually unzips at the bottom and becomes a moto jacket, which is pretty sweet! But that pale pink on the top left may be my favorite of them all. Which would you pick? And what kind of coat do you rock in the winter? xoxo

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