10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

I’m always so blown away by the creativity of some of our bloggy friends during the Halloween season! There are some pretty incredible DIY Halloween costume ideas floating around out there, and lots of them don’t require a ton of cash or a PhD in crafting. I thought I’d round up some of my favorite easy DIY Halloween costumes to get you in the mood for October! xoxo

10 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Kelly has a knack for thinking up the most simple and genius costumes. Her “Apple of my Eye” costume is one of my faves!

I may be biased, but my husband is particularly adorable as a Mousketeer, am I right? (All this one takes is a set of ears and a good attitude!)

Can’t stop staring at this adorable pineapple cape (and it’s no-sew, for all y’all who are scared of sewing machines).

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck? Probably as much as this guy.

The kids’ costumes are little more difficult, but Mr. and Mrs. Outer Space made their costumes with some thrifted clothes and silver spray paint! So rad.

The sweetest little pig in a blanket you ever did see.

You know I love a couples costume, and these bank robbers are at the top of my list for easy and awesome!

The crumpled paper idea for this snail’s shell is absolutely brilliant.

I’m thinking this fried egg would make a hilarious costume for an expectant mom, too!

Birds of a feather! Perfect for a mom and baby or a whole family.

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