this week

We leave NY on Sunday, and it’s been a beautiful week! We saw some pals in their Broadway shows, ate an inappropriate amount of good food, and maybe even spotted a star or two (Any other Downton fans out there? I may or may not have become a bumbling idiot when we ran into Jim Carter on the street). Add to all of that the holiday cheer that’s out in full force and I’m a happy camper. How was your week? xoxo

P.S. I just realized it looks like I’m giving a big ol’ thumbs-up in that last photo. I promise I’m not. I mean, I love that tree and everything, but you know me better than that.

  1. Ohh it’s Carson!!! I love Downton Abbey and would have been really excited to meet him too 🙂 Looks like a super fun trip.

  2. Elaine Costa on said:


  3. Laura on said:

    MR CARSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((faints))

  4. Jill on said:

    Chelsea – I’m loving that teal bag you are sporting! Info please?!