The Awesometown Fiesta for MSN

All New MSN

All New MSN

I was so, so stoked when MSN asked me to style their dinner party at Alt! The new MSN for Windows 8 is fast, smart, and beautiful, so we wanted to be sure to make the party that way, too. Beyond all that, the brand has a really fun side, so I wanted the dinner to reflect that as well. And that’s how Awesometown was born.

I knew I wanted a big typographical installation to tie it all together, and I couldn’t get pinatas out of my head, so we went with it! The Awesometown pinatas hung overhead all night, and we let the fringe take over on the chairs and on the gold photo backdrop we made. I stuffed little canvas bags with all the necessities for a party — paper straws, swizzle sticks, flags that read “Awesome,” and photobooth props (obviously).

Awesometown Fiesta with MSN

It was so fun to see people enjoying the fiesta, and I loved how colorful and over-the-top it was! I mean, if you’re in Awesometown, you’ve gotta go big or go home. Thanks MSN! xox

All New MSN

All New MSN

  1. Elaine Costa on said:

    Properly color magic!!! And love the lips!

    • chelsea on said:

      Colorful was definitely a goal! It was seriously a fiesta of color (and fringe!).

  2. Kate on said:

    I can assure everyone reading this, Chelsea’s styling was just as awesome in person as it looks in the pictures, if not awesome-er!

    • chelsea on said:

      Thanks Kate! So glad you had a good time.

  3. Sandra on said:

    Those piñata letters are awesome! Did you fringe them all by hand?

    • chelsea on said:

      We did! They’re papier mache letters and the fringe is all hand-cut crepe paper. Our house was fringe central for a few days before the party.

  4. Gabriel on said:

    Yes! That was honestly the best party, and the swag and decor was spot-on! Great job friend 🙂 (happy weekend!)

  5. Joana Silva on said:

    Hi Chelsea, I’d love if you could post the tutorials that made some of the decorations for this party! Mainly the letters “Awesometown” AND “MSN” is just perfect!