One of my absolute favorite parts of our wedding day was having a photobooth at the reception.  It was hysterical to see people going in, coming out, choosing props, and giggling over each others’ photos.  We had arranged it so that people could use the booth as many times as they wanted, and for each photo session they received two strips — one for them to keep, and one for them to write a message on and leave for us.  We were dying laughing as we looked through all of the photos when we returned from our honeymoon!  It was so lovely to see each photo — the sweet, the silly, the outrageous, and most of all, the couples smooching.

We also got digital copies of each strip, and I thought I’d share a bunch here!  They are too fun.  And maybe you’ll see yourself if you were at the party!  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the photobooth was rented from the awesome dudes at SJ’s Disc Jockey. Have fun, dolls.  xoxo

  1. Kelly on said:

    OMG love these. Makes me giggle. Too fun!

  2. Laura on said:

    I never went in the Photobooth. So sad.

  3. BWA on said:

    I love the one of Polly and Burt!

    • Laura on said:

      Me too! And Dwayne and Linda!

  4. Lissie on said:

    Love it, love it, love it!!

  5. Olivia on said:

    Chelsea – You guys come up with some of the greatest and romanic ideas. that is a cool idea. Leave it to those in show business (performers.) Love it cuz.