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DIY Streamer Photobooth Backdrop

DIY Streamer Photobooth Backdrop

So we’ve all been hanging out on Lovely Indeed for a while now, and I’m getting to know you guys. I’m hearing you loud and clear — what you like, what you don’t like, and what you love. And apparently, you party animals love a photobooth backdrop. So my good news for you is that we’re starting a new monthly column here on Lovely Indeed, with a new DIY photobooth backdrop for you to try each month! You all seemed pretty stoked about this one and this one, so here’s hoping you’ll love what I have in store.

First up, a really easy and really cheap backdrop that you can put together with just a blank wall and two ingredients. Gather your materials:

  • a few colors of crepe paper
  • masking tape
  • scissors

Start by deciding the dimensions and height of your backdrop. For our purposes, I’ll be making backdrops that are meant for shots of your guests’ torso and head — not full body. So this backdrop is four feet tall and five feet wide, and starts about 30 inches off the ground.

At the top of your backdrop, stretch a piece of masking tape sticky side out, and tape it to the wall with two smaller pieces. The long piece of tape needs to have the sticky side facing outward so that you can stick the crepe paper to it.

DIY Streamer Photobooth Backdrop

Start attaching pieces of crepe paper, a little over four feet long. Snip the ends so that they’re square and match up the edge with the masking tape. Overlap the pieces slightly. Continue this way until you’ve worked your way across the entire backdrop.

DIY Streamer Photobooth Backdrop

DIY Streamer Photobooth Backdrop

Roll a few pieces of masking tape so that they’re double-stick, and spread them across the top of the backdrop. Cover the top edge with a long piece of crepe paper to mask it and give it a clean finish. Do the same on either end to cover the smaller pieces of masking tape.

DIY Streamer Photobooth Backdrop

DIY Streamer Photobooth Backdrop

At the bottom, stretch a piece of masking tape across all of the crepe paper, sticky side in. The goal is to contain all of the streamers so that they don’t fly out of place during photos.

DIY Streamer Photobooth Backdrop

Mask the bottom with crepe paper using the same method that you did on the top. Snip the uneven edges of crepe paper so that all of the ends are hidden.

DIY Streamer Photobooth Backdrop

There! Now party on, dolls. I think this backdrop took me about 30 minutes to put together (and about 30 seconds to break down), so it’s perfect if you’re in a time crunch for a party. Have fun! xoxo

DIY Streamer Photobooth Backdrop

  1. Ana on said:

    This is so sweet and easy to make. photobooths are cute and simple idea to bring some fun into a party. I also made one with some props. can wait so see what’s next!

  2. I think I am going to do this with my girls. It would be a fun surprise when they come home from school. Also, how do you get your pictures to be animated?

  3. Elaine Costa on said:

    So easy and so fun and bright!

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  5. JC on said:

    I am doing this!

  6. heather on said:

    just curious if you had an idea of how many rolls of streamers to buy? I love this idea and plan on using it at my daughter’s Tnd bday 🙂 thank you for this great tutorial

    • heather on said:

      2nd, lol

    • chelsea on said:

      I had a few leftover rolls of crepe paper and used those. I would imagine, though, that you wouldn’t need more than two or three rolls, tops — even if you’re making a larger backdrop. A little bit goes a long way!

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  8. Shio W. on said:

    I heart this too!! This are seriously too cute and don’t cost much!!! Who would’ve thought that streamers could be so cute 🙂


  9. Rayani on said:

    This is so lovely and simple, I think I’ll try it soon
    Thanks for share

    Hugs from Brasil

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  14. EllenQ on said:

    I’ve been looking for a great background for my DIY wedding photobooth and I LOVE this idea. Thanks!

  15. Shannon on said:

    Any way to make this portable, in advance? Would love to have for a party but not enough time to start from scratch during setup.

    • Gail on said:

      Instead of attaching the crepe paper to the wall, attach it to a large piece of cardboard.

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  22. Jackie P on said:

    Ohh this will be Lovely Indeed!!! I need to find a backdrop for a bridal shower..and although I have seen some I far none of them seem to be “The 1”
    Thanks bunches in advance!!

    BTW shower theme is Shabby Chic…just in case your trying to figure out what to do for a backdrop..just sayin…in case haha

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  28. aida on said:

    esto es sencillamente bello!! lo usaré para mi fiesta de fin de mes… Gracias xoxo

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  30. Fanny yolanda on said:

    Muy bonita idea!!, felicitaciones. gracias

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  34. Alba Hernandez on said:

    It is just beautiful , I am going to try for a quinceanera party the is coming up next month. Thank you

    • chelsea on said:

      That sounds great Alba! I’d love for you to send me a photo if you try it! xo

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  49. This is a great idea, so full of color. Its makes a great backdrop.

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