Sometimes in the theatre world, there isn’t enough of artists encouraging other artists.  Maybe that’s why I find the Animator Letters Project so inspiring.  Go read a few of the letters that established animators from Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, and the like have written in encouragement to aspiring animators.  It’s lovely.  Here’s one of them.  xoxo

{Letter from Pixar animator Austin Madison, via Animator Letters Project.}

  1. Emily on said:

    Ooh great find! I love when big deal people encourage little deal people. It makes the world a happier place.

  2. Jeff LaGreca on said:

    Thanks Chelsea! I’m going back to writing now.

  3. Debbie on said:


  4. kate on said:

    What a sweet & inspiring letter…really nice to see.

  5. Lissie on said:

    I like to think that I persist sometimes . . . this will inspire me to persist more than that . . . Thanks Austin . . .