Ten Things: Spring


Is there anybody out there that doesn’t like the spring? No, seriously, this is not a rhetorical question. I’d really love to know if any of y’all are not spring fans. Maybe if you have allergies?

Because I’m a fan. I think my favie fave season is summer, because I just love that Vitamin D, but spring is a good one too. And here are my ten reasons why.

1. When we were growing up on the farm, spring meant getting to hold brand new chickies after they’ve hatched.

2. That first day when you go outside and the chill is gone from the air.

3. Buds on trees.

4. The April showers that bring May flowers and all that jazz.

5. Speaking of flowers, all of those gorgeous spring flowers that you just don’t see during the winter.

6. The start of sunshine on your shoulders.

7. Dresses with no tights.

8. Color everywhere.

9. Awards shows!

10. People get happier (goodbye, polar vortex!).

Okay, your turn! And have a beautifully springy weekend. xoxo

Palm Springs Style



Do you ever have trouble packing for a trip? So often I’ll think that I did a great job packing and then get to a place and have all the wrong stuff. Or feel like I look like an alien. I remember one recent trip back to visit friends in NYC. My California was showing — I was a vision in pink, sticking out of a sea of black.

So on our last trip to Palm Springs, I decided to go big with the packing and rock out some pink pants that might not usually see the light of day. If there’s anywhere to make pink denim work, it’s that city. You would almost look out of place if you weren’t wearing something like that. Combine it with your brightest bag and a some fun patterns. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Obviously we had to get these shots at The Saguaro Hotel – you’ve never met a place with such perfect colors. And I’m sure you’ve heard me raving about them already, but do try to stay there if you’re in Palm Springs. We needed a place to stay during Meet/Make/Do when we were in a bit of a bind, and the staff was just so gracious and accommodating. So Mary and I spent some time running around and snapping photos.

psstyle3 Palm Springs Style

The ol’ vintage scarf in the hair trick has been my go-to lately for days when my hair is a mess (read: I didn’t wash it). Keiko Lynn has a simple tutorial right here for a really quick way to tie it up. I use this one all the time.



So what’s the verdict, dudes? Do you pack clothing depending on where you’re headed (weather aside)? Would you wear hot pink in NYC, or black in the desert? Do tell. xoxo

All photos by the magical Mary Costa Photograhpy!


Pinterest Party

Brace yourself, guys — I’m getting all fancy with my Pinterest boards lately.

Pinterest Party

I decided to do this experiment where I try to pin things all in one color palette for a short period of time. Have you ever tried that? It happened once by accident for me and I thought it looked so pretty when I looked at all of my pins together. So I tried it on purpose! Turns out, it’s a bit of a challenge.

Pinterest Party

It’s tricky for two reasons. First, you really have to scour the internet for inspiring things in the color palette that you’re working on. And second, if you see something else that you want to pin but isn’t in the color palette, what the heck do you do? I ended up pinning those things to a secret board for a while until my little experiment is over.

Pinterest Party

But anyway, if you go to see all my pins you’ll get the idea. You’ll also notice where it abruptly began, because the colors get all mixed again. I probably won’t do it forever, but right now it’s a really fun creative challenge! And it kind of makes me curious — have you ever manipulated your pinboards in a similar way? What do you think about when you pin and share an image? xoxo

DIY Letter Pillows

DIY Letter Pillows

DIY Letter Pillows

This little project was daunting at first, but once I got the hang of it these pillows were pretty fun to make! We thought it would be neat to have some custom pillows in our Meet/Make/Do location, with a shout-out to our sponsor Bing. So I got right down to it and put together these DIY letter pillows. Here’s how!


  • fabric
  • batting
  • sewing machine and tools
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • scissors

Make Time: 1 Hour per letter

In searching for the best way to make the letters, I used Bing’s image search for a little help. By the way, have you heard of Bing Rewards? While you search, you can rack up points that you can use towards shopping, donating, and more. I’m about thisclose to some free Starbucks, guys. And you gain points every time you search for stuff. Brilliant.

But let’s get to the nitty gritty! Start by doubling up your fabric and using a ruler and pencil to draw a letter on the top layer. Each part of the letter should be around 6 inches wide to allow for hems and stuffing with batting. I used about a half yard of fabric for each letter. Once the letter is drawn, cut it out of both layers so that you have two pieces of the same letter.

DIY Letter Pillows

Pin the layers together with right sides facing (be sure your letter will be facing the correct way when you turn it right side out!). Sew a straight stitch around the outer edge, leaving a 1/4″ hem. Leave an opening of about 3 inches to insert the batting. Flip the letter right side out through the opening.

DIY Letter Pillows

NOTE: For letters with an inner opening such as B, P, or D, don’t sew the inner openings during this step. Sew the outer edge, leaving a 3″ opening, and flip the letter right side out. Then on the inner openings, fold the fabric in on itself to create a 1/4″ hem and pin. Sew these separately with the pillow already turned right side out.

DIY Letter Pillows

Once your edges are all sewn, stuff your pillows with batting. You may need to use the pencil to push the batting into the corners of the letter. It helps to slightly understuff the pillows during this step.

Finally, fold the fabric of the open portion in on itself to create a 1/4″ hem and pin. Starting at this section, sew a straight stitch all the way around the edges of the pillow to create a finished look.

DIY Letter Pillows

You made it! Big kudos if you attempt this one — they’re a little intimidating but if I can do it, so can you. Hope you have fun with it! xoxo

DIY Letter Pillows

DIY Letter Pillows

DIY Letter Pillows


Three tutorial photos by Lovely Indeed; all other images by the insanely talented Mary Costa Photography.

This post is sponsored by Bing. All opinions are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the sponsors who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!


Travel // Ojai

Travel to OjaiTravel to OjaiTravel to Ojai

Oh, Ojai. Where do I start? Really, it’s a tiny little town. Village-y, if you will. But it’s like the perfect little snack of a place to go for a few days to recharge. It’s like a vacay appetizer.

We took off on a Tuesday from LA, and would have been there in an hour flat if we didn’t stop at the J.Crew Factory store on the way. (Duh.) After we rolled into the Ojai Rancho Inn I pretty much dropped all of our bags and ran off with a camera, leaving Mr. Lovely to fend for himself. This place is too cool for school. I felt like I was definitely in the cool kids club for a couple of days. It’s got a throwback summer camp vibe (somebody asked on my Instagram if we were on the set of the Dirty Dancing movie!) with updated touches — indigo tie-dye curtains, woven leather lawn chairs, and cruiser bikes that you can borrow on the honor system. You can chill out by the pool, roast in the sauna, build yourself a fire in the evening, hang out in a teepee (!!!), and admire the crazy collection of cacti on the property. The owners, Chris and Kenny, are so sweet and kind. I’m on team Rancho all the way, if you ever need a spot to stay in Ojai. See photos of the Ojai Rancho Inn and read about the rest of our trip!

Ten Things: Coveting

Do you ever just get so itchy to go shopping? Gahhh I have it bad recently. I think whenever a new season rolls around I just want to go and chuck my whole wardrobe and start fresh. I never actually do it, but I sure do dream about it. Sometimes I find that browsing pretty stuff online almost does the trick, though. So I decided to dedicate today’s Ten Things to my materialistic side and try to avoid spending a bunch of money by just sharing pretty things with you. We’ll see if it does the trick, yo.


Glasses. Clutch. Clock. Hair scarf. Phone case. Dress. Top. Lip gloss. Swimsuit. Shoes.

That alarm clock is killing me slowly with cuteness. And I’ve never had a high-waisted swimsuit, but I’m thinking this might be the year to test one out, retro-style. Has anybody ever rocked one of those? Would love to know your opinion.

Phewph. Okay, I feel a little better. Although now I just kind of want to go on an accessory shopping spree at F21. I’ll try to hold it together. Have a great weekend! xoxo