On Hustling and Slowing Down


I’m not gonna lie to ya. The last six weeks have been absolutely bonkers. Come to think of it, the last few months have been absolutely bonkers. And I’m ready for a slowdown.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. If you’ve been reading, you know that I’ve been with my parents since mid-May, helping my mom recover from a hip replacement. And I wouldn’t trade being able to help for anything in the world. It’s the smallest thing I can do to repay my parents for everything that they’ve given to me. And I’ve loved seeing my mom get stronger every day (she’s driving again, and walking with/without a cane!).

It’s just that life doesn’t stop for anything, and so while I’ve been helping out, I’ve also been rehearsing a show (which I’ll tell you about more this week!) and trying to keep up with all of my commitments in blogland. And that’s where the hustling part comes in. This year, I’ve been hustling so hard I hustled myself right into a work overload! I’m so grateful for every opportunity that is coming my way, and I don’t want them to stop! But when they all land on top of one another, and combine with personal life, it just becomes overwhelming. I’m sure each one of you has been there.

The truth is, I have a ton of stuff up my sleeve for you all. I’m pushing myself to do bigger and more awesome things to bring to you. I want Lovely Indeed to just keep climbing this ladder of awesome until it’s on the very top awesome rung. And all of that awesome takes work. Awesome work, which I love, but work nonetheless. I guess all I’m saying is I don’t want to give up the hustle. I don’t think you should have to. But I do think it’s crucial to remember the slowdown. Work it, relax it, repeat. I think on the last few rounds I forgot the relax part.

So the work’s not stopping. And the awesome is still coming on the daily. But in between, I’m going to make an effort to remember to slow down. And just enjoy. Because if I don’t stop and enjoy, ain’t nobody going to do it for me. xoxo