MSN Fiesta Sneak Peek

So yesterday, a gaggle of bloggers descended on Salt Lake City and the poor town never knew what hit it. No joke, you can spot one of us from a mile away, and it’s kind of fun to play “Find the Blogger” out on the street. (Colored jeans and a topknot are a dead giveaway.)

Yesterday was a day of getting-to-know-you events, and I may or may not have attended four parties. Four! I have to say, it was a fantastic day, but I do get a little shy sometimes and it’s hard to keep pushing yourself to make introductions and be part of every event that happens. So I’m deciding to take things as they come and just do the best I can.

Today I’ll be speaking on a panel about DIYs and Pinterest, so cross your fingers for me! I think the panel is going to be pretty killer — I’m speaking with some amazing folks (I’m still pinching myself to be alongside Melissa, Chris, Jenny, and Jill!). And here’s just a quick peek at the dinner that I styled yesterday for MSN. We’ll have a post after Alt featuring some of the DIYs we created for the dinner, and lots more photos! xoxo


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    Have a wonderful day!

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