Make and Give // DIY Gilded Heart Ring Dish


I love projects that look fancy but are secretly super easy, and this is one of those projects. If you’ve got a girlfriend (or a mom, sister, grandmother, aunt) who needs a sweet little something for Valentine’s Day, whip her up this little gilded ring dish! It’s sweet and simple, with a little touch of gold (and you guys¬†know I can never say no to gold). If you’d like to make one, gather your materials:

Start by warming the modeling clay in your hands and forming it into the shape of a heart. Mold the edges of the heart upward slightly so that it creates a lip all around the edge. Set aside a small piece of clay and form it into a thin roll. Gently press the roll onto the center of the heart to act as a peg. Smooth any rough spots, and bake according to the directions on the package.

DIY Heart Ring Dish

Once the dish is cool, load your paintbrush heavily with the liquid gilding and begin to trace the edges of the heart. If you like the dripped effect, allow some gilding to pool and drip down. I liked mine a little drippy!




Be sure to let the gilding dry thoroughly, and send this little beaut on its merry way to brighten someone’s Valentine’s Day. Make it and give it! xoxo




  1. Love this dish! The added touch of the ring holder is clutch. Plus all your accessories are gorg!

  2. Alli on said:

    Such a cute DIY!! Do you by any chance know where the awesome earrings are from?

    • Sherri on said:

      They look vintage.

    • chelsea on said:

      Hi Alli! The earrings are from Forever 21. I got them a few months ago, so I’m not sure if they’re still there!

  3. oh my… that’s just lovely. what a beautiful and simple idea. looks almost vintage.

    love, x
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  4. Kate on said:

    adorable! I had no idea it could be so easy.

  5. Eileen on said:

    I truly admire your charming ring holder project… but where did you get the incredible rings. WOW!

  6. Eileen on said:

    Thank you so much for responding. Mr. Lovely is a special man and you must be a very special Mrs. Lovely.