Iron On Weekend Shirts (5 Minute DIY)

Iron-on Weekend T-Shirts

Iron-on Weekend T-Shirts

Iron-on Weekend T-Shirts

Two things led me to this project. First, I’m sick of the hustle! Forget it already! Yes, work hard and go chase your dreams and all that jazz. But do we really have to do that every second of every day? Not me, gang. Sometimes I just want a day of nothing. Well, nothing and bottomless mimosas. And secondly, I’ve started seeing these fun shirts with sayings on them being sold all over the place at an insane price point. I mean, a t-shirt with flocked iron-on letters for $40? Nope. Because you can DIY that business for a few bucks! And I’m here to show ya how.


  • Iron-on letters
  • Blank t-shirts (there are a bunch of great options on Amazon if you search “plain women’s t-shirts”)
  • Iron

Make Time: 5 Minutes

Iron-on Weekend T-Shirts

I hardly have to include instructions but I will! It’s so simple I’m sure you can figure this one out on your own.

Step 1: Peel off the flocked letters from the page of letters. Place the letters on your shirt where you’d like them.

Step 2: With a hot iron, press down firmly on all the letters for about 15 seconds each. Turn the shirt inside out and repeat.

That’s IT. And you just saved yourself a bunch of bucks by DIYing it! I’m calling these my weekend shirts but I’d wear ’em any day of the week to proclaim my love for taking it easy. Let’s all slow our hustle and just enjoy life a bit, huh? What would you have yours say? xoxo

Iron-on Weekend T-Shirts

Iron-on Weekend T-Shirts

Iron-on Weekend T-Shirts

  1. Elaine Costa on said:

    Mine would say “CALM DOWN.”

  2. Horn Beads on said:

    Such as a beautiful! And awesome t-shirts!! I love it…

  3. Horn Beads on said:

    Looks beautiful! Nice one, simply best tips and love it…

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