Henry // Eleven Months

11 Month Old Boy

Surely I don’t have a baby who will be one year old in precisely one month. Surely not… Right? How do these things happen?!

Let’s get right to the nitty gritty: This kid is a hoot. He’s talking in his own little language, and anything that he doesn’t have a word for is “Guuuuck?!” Which most of the time we are able to translate. He’s got four teeth coming in on top and he is not happy about that, but most other things he’s totally thrilled with. He’s an easy-going dude and thinks life is pretty cool. Dogs and cats are the coolest, and he won’t stop bringing us books for him to read. Mostly he sits through about half a book and then goes to get the next one.

When my mom comes to babysit, he reaches out for her to give her hugs (heart melt). He can give high and low fives on command. He’ll share a piece of food with you if you ask. Favorite food? Tofu rolled in graham crackers. He would eat it all day long if we didn’t stop him. He loves opening and closing doors and for the most part doesn’t rip stuff out of the kitchen cabinets (yet). He actually likes to put things in, so I’m always finding his blocks and cars in among our crackers.

Life is good with these two guys of mine, and these are the sweetest times. If we could freeze it right here I would, except that I’m too excited to see what Hank’s gonna be like when he grows up. Happy 11 months, little dude! xoxo

11 Month Old Boy

11 Month Old Boy

  1. Oh my goodness! How cute are these pictures! I can’t believe he’s going to be a year soon! It seems like he was just 4 months yesterday! His faces are priceless 🙂


  2. Angel Y. on said:

    What a cutie! Really chill babies are my absolute favorite and Henry seems like the chillest. Way to go mama!

  3. elaine costa on said:

    Oh, so cute! Babies are such blessings!!!!!!!