Headed Home


No matter how much I love to travel, it’s always a nice feeling to be headed back home. We’re flying from London to LA today, so sorry for the meager post. We’ll have lots of juicy stuff coming up this week, though, and full recaps and our favorite recommendations from all of our travels. Thanks so much for following along. It’s been beautiful and I almost need a little time to process the wonderful things that we saw and experienced! I’m feeling calm and refreshed but so energized and inspired, and I am pumped to make things happen. xoxo

Image: Sunrise over Reykjavik, from my Instagram feed.
  1. Sine on said:

    I love your travel posts.. You picked great destinations without getting too touristy.. 😀 Looking forward to the juicy stuff.. LOL!

  2. elaine costa on said:


  3. Can’t wait to see all of your travel updates. Have a safe slight back home!