Have a Beautiful Weekend


Hey gang! I’m not gonna play around here — I straight up need a little break today. With Meet/Make/Do coming up next weekend, I thought it would be best to just stop by and wish you a wonderful weekend instead of killing myself trying to put a fancy post together. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves a little leeway, ya know?

I am just so stunned and grateful at all of the opportunities coming my way right now, but I have to tell you I am juggling over here! You know me; work hard play hard. And I’m fo’ sho’ in the work hard portion of that whole arrangement right now. But I’m loving every second, and I’m finding myself being pushed and pulled in creative ways that are so good for me. So I’m letting that happen, and letting some other things slide. Have you ever been in that situation? Where the extra 5 or 30 or 60 minutes you save by cutting a corner is totally worth your sanity? I’m sure you have been. We all have. I think it’s worth it to just be kind to yourself and make some breathing room.

So! Forgive the non-post post today, but I couldn’t let a Friday go by without wishing you a happy weekend. Do leave a comment and share what you’ll be doing this weekend — you know I love to be nosy. xoxo

  1. chelsea on said:

    Have a lovely weekend! xo

  2. It’s a post post. 🙂 I love hearing about what you’re up to and totally agree that any little bit of time that can be saved is precious! Have an amazing weekend, lady! We don’t have any plans at all and I’m loving it that way.

  3. Kim on said:

    Enjoy the break! Everyone deserves a little me time once in a while! 🙂

  4. Elle on said:

    Good for you Chelsea! I think it’s great how you are so honest. Hope you have a spectacular weekend too!