Grouped // Sea Foam

I haven’t done a Grouped post in a while, and a look back through my Pinterest boards had me realizing that I’ve definitely been in a color mood lately! There’s this special sort of blue-green that I’ve been into, and it’s weird but I sort of associate it with California. It’s kind of got a nature vibe, and it falls somewhere between sky and water and cactus plants and mint. I know I totally sound like a tripped-out zen master, but go with me here. This sea foam color just doesn’t exist in NYC, and it was one of the colors I’d been missing before we moved back to California. Today I want to swing from a cloud just like that girl, and look around and only see this color. So here’s a whole bunch of it. Have a beautiful week! xoxo

GROUPEDBerry basket. Bag. Swing. Milk Bottle. Shelf. Illustration. Skates. Earrings.


  1. In my dream world I’d have every piece in my home seafoam green! I love this color! I think I’m going to start saving up for that shelf or watch for it to go on sale because I have to have that in my kitchen!! =)

  2. Those skates are so pretty! If I wasn’t so accident prone I’d get a pair, but it’s probably safer for me to stick with the lovely earrings… thanks for sharing!

    • chelsea on said:

      Thanks for the kind words and the heads-up, Carrie! Think I got the Twitter link sorted out. xo

  3. Alana on said:

    Awesome little collection, Love the ‘Sea foam’ colours, my favourite 🙂

  4. I looove this color. It’s sort of magical and calming. Cool items. 🙂