Easter Brunch Idea // Edible Flower Waffles

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

My love for waffles is growing deeper and deeper. It’s bordering on a Leslie Knope-type waffle love situation. Ever since Ryan got me a waffle maker for Christmas a couple of years ago we’ve been trying out recipes and eventually I realized I Instagram so many waffles I gave them their own hashtag. It’s been a million years since I did a waffle post on the blog so these spring beauties were the perfect time to bring it back! The perfect idea for an Easter brunch: edible flower waffles!

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

They’re crazy simple to put together — all you need is your favorite waffle recipe (which obviously should be this one) and some edible flower petals. All of these insanely gorgeous flowers came from Flower Muse and I had the absolute best time pretending to be a florist! We worked with Flower Muse on Meet/Make/Do last year — they’re an absolute dream. You can order flowers online and they ship right to your door direct from the farm. When these showed up they were so fresh and perfect.

So! Whip up your waffles. For these, I liked waffles that didn’t reach the edges of the waffle maker so they had unfinished edges. To get that look, just don’t fill your waffle maker with batter — leave a little space around the sides. Once your waffles are made, stack ’em up and sprinkle them with petals. Here’s a great resource about what kinds of flowers are edible. Always be sure to check whether they’re safe before you ingest any plants or flowers! We used tulip, rose, peony, carnation, and dandelion petals.

especially think you should serve ’em like this:

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

How pretty is this for an Easter brunch?! It’s like a meal and a centerpiece all in one. Boom. Two pretty birds. One pretty stone. You can drizzle them with syrup or honey, or even dust with a little powdered sugar, too. Hope these petals find their way to your table! xoxo

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

DIY Edible Flower Waffles

Flowers for this post were graciously provided by Flower Muse.

  1. Well now if that is not the prettiest brunch I’ve ever seen. I had no idea that tulip petals were edible.

    xo Rachel

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  4. Kait on said:

    What a great way to spice up your plate for Easter! Doesn’t hurt that it’s cute too.

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