diy wine cork trivet

I know that Christmas has come and gone and we’ve all moved on, but I couldn’t get my Christmas closure until I featured this awesome DIY. My soon-to-be sister-in law got crafty over the holidays and sent us some pretty awesome packages. One of the coolest was this DIY trivet, constructed from wine corks she’d been collecting.

The center is constructed of 32 corks, in a sort of crosshatch pattern. These were affixed to some flat corkboard to create a backing, and then framed with some custom-cut molding from the hardware store. The cool thing about this little project is that I’ll bet you could customize size and shape pretty easily – use more or fewer corks, play with the arrangement, and possibly even use an old picture frame instead of molding to create the edges.

Pretty simple and pretty cool! And the best part is, you have to drink the wine to collect the corks… xoxo

  1. lauren on said:

    LOVE IT. i wish i drank more wine 😛

  2. lauren on said:

    LOVE IT. i wish i drank more wine 😛

  3. Joe on said:

    Love the idea. What kind of glue is used and where do you get cork board?
    Thanks for any help.

  4. Ellen lutz on said:

    Finish it off with a coat of ModPodge to make it less porous and easier to clean.

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