diy valentine-off: the lovelies

Last night, in preparation for Valentine’s Day, Mr. Lovely and I hid from each other while we got our DIY on.  We decided this year, instead of buying gifts, to get a little crafty and make each other something.  I originally thought that we should have a contest and let you vote for the best one (loser does the laundry for the week), but in the spirit of St. Valentine, let’s toss the competition out the window and just celebrate love!  (And besides, Mr. Lovely and I exchanged Valentines this morning, and his simply cannot be topped).

I decided to make a little door/wall hanger, covered in scraps of fabric that we’re using at our wedding (on his boutonniere, our moms’ corsages, and other little decor pieces) and write a sweet message on it.

Not to be outdone, Mr. Lovely saw these cool folded books online (even before I did!) and put his fingers to work folding me one of my very own.  It’s possibly the coolest thing ever.

What a fella, huh?  If the contest was still on, I’d be doing laundry for sure. Hope your Valentine day is off to a lovely start, and just keeps getting better.  Spread the love, y’all.  xoxo