diy valentine-off ii

If you remember last year, you know that Mr. Lovely and I started a little tradition of DIY-ing valentines for each other.  Last year he beat me to a pulp, and this time around he somehow topped himself.

This year I decided to take a cue from Danni over at Oh Hello Friend and make Mr. Lovely a book of notes.  Danni’s note books (inspired by The Jolly Postman) are always so beautiful, and such a cool idea!  So I gathered scraps of this and that (little things that have sentimental meaning one way or another) and went to work.  I used the sewing machine and that awesome stamp set that I love so much.

Mr. Lovely pulled out the big guns and made this:

You all know by now that Mr. Lovely and I travel quite a bit, whether it’s for work on a show or just because we like it.  So he made a map of our time together, starting with when we met on tour and following every city that we’ve been to together.  All the cris-crossing on the east coast is mostly touring.  The spot in California with all the trips to and from is my hometown.  And there are Canada, China, Japan, and Tahiti off the map.  After he gave it to me we decided to someday make a huge version:  a world map with two colors of strings for when we’ve traveled separately, and twist them together when we’ve been travel buddies.  Is this guy a keeper, or what?  xoxo

  1. myseastory on said:

    wow chelsea! you are both so artistic and thoughtful, love both projects!!
    xx j

  2. Rachael on said:

    I only found your blog recently, but I just have to say how sweet these valentines are! Me and my boyfriend have a handmade gift tradition too, but you guys take it to a whole new level! I adore the pinned map, what a great visual reminder of all of your trips, and an incentive to travel even more.

    • Thanks Rachael! Hope to see you lots more around the blog.

  3. Elaine on said:

    So much fun and so beautiful! The map looks awesome in the frame, too! How lovely.

  4. Shoko on said:

    UMM. Omigoodness. You guys are amazing!

  5. OK, both of you are incredibly artistic (and insanely talented). I want to do the book of notes SO BADLY for my man. I might start compiling things now 🙂 Thanks for two great ideas!

  6. Polly on said:

    Oh my goodness those gifts are SO inspired. The map is insanely special, what a lovely piece. He’s definitely a keeper, good for you!

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  8. sonia on said:

    stupendo!! grazie 🙂

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  11. Stephanie on said:

    Just found your blog. Love this little map! Where is your hometown? I was raised in Madera and your pin looks like the somewhere in the central valley.

  12. nuzhat on said:

    This is so beautiful! Last year I made a similar book for my bestie 🙂

  13. Diana on said:

    Is there any way you could share a printable version of the map? That is too awesome!