diy prints {brooklyn creative & course horse}

Hey all you NYC dwellers!  Do you guys know about Course Horse?  It’s a pretty cool online tool to help you find fun classes in the city.  They’ve got the hookup for classes in everything from salsa dance to Portuguese lessons to photography, and last weekend they sent me to a DIY printmaking class at Brooklyn Creative.  Needless to say, I was stoked.

Brooklyn Creative offers classes and workshops in various creative arts, and I was so happy to be able to get to know the folks there!  Caroline and Caitlyn (our fearless leaders) totally knew their stuff and guided us through a few hours of making our very own prints.  It was awesome to have all of the materials at our disposal, and even better to have fun people in the class during the process.  (Side note: I finally met Rebecca from A Daily Something in person!  We had a ball.)

We had the opportunity to try three techniques — direct transfers, indirect transfers, and xerox transfers, which turned out to be my fave.  As soon as I collect some materials, I’ll hit you all up with a DIY project that’ll knock your socks off!  Until then, take a peek at some snaps from the evening, and get a load of my finished projects.  That girl in blue?  She’s my xerox transfer.  What a knockout, right?  Thanks, Brooklyn Creative & Course Horse!  xoxo