diy polka dot mani

I was recently so inspired by this post over at The Beauty Department that I decided to DIY myself a fancy polka dot manicure!  It looks intense, but I promise, it’s super easy.  Just follow their instructions for making a dotting tool, choose your colors, and go to town.  I did a bottom layer of pink and then chose a few crazy colors to use on the polka dots.  Just take your time and be sure to cover it with a good clear top coat.  I love it!  xoxo

P.S. Double bonus: this knocks something off of my 30 by 32 list!

  1. Emily on said:

    This is adorable! I’m always looking for new ways to do my nails that isn’t either A. plain red/pink or B. over the top jersey shoreish…

  2. Elaine on said:

    I love your blog design, I think it’s perfect. 🙂

  3. Trude on said:

    Super cute, love the colors you went with! Thanks for sharing the link!

  4. Tiffanee on said:

    This is so adorable! I cannot wait to try it out! Thanks so much for sharing. Your nails looks so fabulous!!