DIY Ombre Jenga

DIY Ombre Jenga

DIY Ombre Jenga

DIY Ombre Jenga

Okay, probably everybody thinks this, but I am seriously a Jenga professional. I will stack that thing to the ceiling before I give in! So I had to do a little custom paint job on our Jenga set to go with our game night series! (In case you missed it, check out the DIY dominoes from last week.) If you like simple, this project is so right up your alley it’s not even funny. Just three ingredients and you’ve got yourself a pretty, ombre Jenga set.


  • plain Jenga set
  • craft paint
  • small foam paintbrush

Make Time: 30 Minutes

Dust off all your Jenga pieces and make sure they’re clean and dry.

DIY Ombre Jenga

Decide on a color palette. Use as many or as few colors as you like! With the foam brush, swipe a thin layer of color onto one end of a Jenga piece. Repeat with as many pieces as you’d like and allow them to dry (drying time is really quick!). If desired, paint another coat. Repeat this process with the other end of the pieces as well.

DIY Ombre Jenga

DIY Ombre Jenga

Allow all of the pieces to dry, stack ’em up, and play! Seriously the easiest project ever, right? Sometimes you just don’t wanna work too hard to get your Jenga on. Duh. Oh, and just for funsies, these are really cool to do this with, too:

DIY Ombre Jenga

DIY Ombre Jenga

Just a quick note — I wouldn’t get overzealous and paint all sides of the Jenga pieces. Too much paint and they’ll lose the ability to slide in and out of the stack when you’re playing. That’s why it’s plenty just to paint the ends. You could also get fancy and use washi tape on the ends to make patterns. Oh man! I need another Jenga set. xoxo

DIY Ombre Jenga

DIY Ombre Jenga

DIY Ombre Jenga

DIY Ombre Jenga

DIY Ombre Jenga

Tutorial photos by Lovely Indeed; all other photos by Whitney B. Lucas.

  1. Abby on said:

    This is just too cute! Our jenga set might just have a drinking game written on it leftover from college 🙂 Though we totally still play sometimes!

    • chelsea on said:

      OMG Jenga drinking game? You are professional.

  2. Brittni on said:

    So cute! And I love that little video, knocking over all of the wood tiles.

  3. Amy W on said:

    Oh Jenga, the best and now cutest game around! Love it.

  4. Jess on said:

    I’m tellin’ ya…blogger game night needs to happen ASAP. We can plot at coffee next week! xo

  5. Jeff Mindell on said:

    The swirly, squiggly shot!!

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  9. Allie on said:

    Love this! It would make such a cute gift. I can just picture a little game night gift basket.

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