DIY Manly Man Gift Tags

DIY Manly Man Gift Tags

DIY Manly Man Gift Tags

Ah, the perfect addition to our Manly Man Apron! You know what my Dad always notices about a really beautiful wrapping job? Absolutely nothing. So I think this year I’m just going to stick this really cool gift tag on whatever I give him and see how that goes.

This one’s super simple. We’re using my favorite metal alphabet stamp set again (we used them before here and here!). Here’s what else you need.


  • stamp set
  • hammer
  • metal tag

Make Time: 5 minutes

DIY Manly Man Gift Tags

DIY Manly Man Gift Tags

Place the metal tag (you should be able to find them in the jewelry section of a craft store) on a flat, solid surface. Letter by letter, place the stamp down on the tag and give it a few solid taps with the hammer. Be careful to hammer directly downward so that the tag doesn’t slip out from under you.

DIY Manly Man Gift Tags

That’s it! Dad will be so proud. String it onto your gift and hope he notices. (Just kidding. He’ll notice.) xoxo

DIY Manly Man Gift Tags

DIY Manly Man Gift Tags

DIY Manly Man Gift Tags

  1. This is such an adorable idea for all sorts of tags and labels! I can definitely see a stamp set like that coming in handy! Where is the best place to pick one up?!

  2. Becki on said:

    Cute idea for the punch! Tho, Dad isn’t getting one…he can use mine. hee hee

  3. Brittni on said:

    Definitely bookmarking this for my Father’s Day roundup. And I love the apron too!

  4. Jackie B on said:

    Great idea that’s perfect for Father’s Day! Where do you recommend purchasing a stamp set? Thanks!

  5. Jess on said:

    I LOVE this! What an awesome idea! I totally could see doing this as an oversized monogram necklace! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Lucy on said:

    LOVE this!! Where might you be able to pick up a stamp set like that? Looks like it’d be so handy!

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