diy lucha libre cupcakes

DIY Lucha Libre Cupcakes

It was Mr. Lovely’s birthday recently, and there was nothing he wanted more in the world than a batch of cupcakes decorated with lucha libre masks. I mean, how can you say no to that?

This DIY is beyond simple. Get a box of Funfetti cake mix and bake it into cupcakes. Buy a tub of frosting, separate it, and dye it a few different colors. Then just get a few flavored Tootsie Rolls or Airheads, roll them flat with a rolling pin and cut them into shapes for the masks. At first I was searching for images of masks online to copy, but after a while I kind of started making up my own. (Hence the one that sort of looks like a Ninja Turtle.)

DIY Lucha Libre Cupcakes

DIY Lucha Libre Cupcakes

In any case, they were a huge hit! And I have to say, they kind of made me feel like the coolest wife ever. xoxo

DIY Lucha Libre Cupcakes

DIY Lucha Libre Cupcakes

DIY Lucha Libre Cupcakes

  1. SHUT UP! Child I have made so many cupcakes that the trend kinda makes me ache. These are AWESOME!!! Or would I say AWESOM-ISMO? In any case… amazeballs!

  2. Lbc on said:

    Mancakes ™

    • chelsea on said:

      Bahahaha! Nice trademark. I’ll give you your cut when I make zillions.

  3. Leslie on said:

    Besto!!! These are the cutest! But…where are the drayjeees?

    • chelsea on said:

      I know! Drayjeeless cupcakes almost aren’t worth the trouble. Unless they’re Mexican wrestlers.

  4. You just upped the stakes for the rest of us wives/girlfriends! I make Jeff the same cake every year, it’s his fave, but I clearly need to put some effort into the decorating this time. These are AWESOME!

  5. Rachel on said:

    Luchaaaaaaa! These are truly fantastic, Chelsea! Ryan is a lucky lucky man! 🙂

  6. tianna on said:

    These are fantastic! So fun.

    – tianna 🙂

  7. Nick on said:

    Error in your post. My wife is the most awesome wife ever! But, your cupcakes are very, very cool.

  8. Shoko on said:

    chelsea, these are SO. AWESOME.

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