DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Print

DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Art

DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Art

DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Art

Hey gang! Here’s another fun use for your gold leaf supplies. We still have a few blank spots on our walls and I wanted to DIY something simple but cool, so this is what we came up with. We had all of the supplies, so it didn’t cost a cent! If you’ve got your gold leaf materials and some old frames laying around, you can do it too.


Make Time: 5 Minutes per Frame

DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Art

Step 1: Use a paintbrush to splatter or drip gold leaf adhesive on a piece of cardstock.

Step 2: Allow the adhesive to dry for a minute or so, until the adhesive is tacky but not wet. If you have lots of adhesive pooling, gently dab it with a tissue to soak up a little excess. Be careful not to smudge the glue. Place gold leaf over all of the adhesive and smooth it down with a soft, dry paintbrush to be sure it adheres.

Step 3: Use a stiff paintbrush to buff off the excess gold leaf.

Step 4: Place the finished product in a frame and hang it up!

Love how these look all hung up together. I feel like this technique would be SUPER cool on a large-scale canvas, hanging over a mantle or something. Would you try it?  xoxo

DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Art

DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Art

DIY Gold Leaf Splatter Art

  1. Elaine Costa on said:

    Love these! Versatile idea, too!

  2. Dusan on said:

    Large scale canvas would definitely look cool.
    I like the choice of colors for the card stock!
    I wonder if it would look too strong with black frames instead of white?

    • Lovely Indeed on said:

      I think black frames would look cool especially using a less bright/more monochromatic palette. I’ll give it a try and get back to you! 😉 xo

      • Dusan on said:

        Yes, I agree! A bit of contrast can always make the overall space pop-up. Good luck 🙂

  3. Horn Beads on said:

    Looks colorful! simply so good and I like this.. Happy for hearing this