DIY Gold Confetti Wall

DIY Gold Confetti Wall

DIY Gold Confetti Wall

When we moved into this apartment, I absolutely lived for this grey accent wall in front of our desks. Our apartment building actually paints an accent wall for free when you move in, and we didn’t originally want one. But they pushed for it and we did it and I loved it. Now, after two years of staring at a grey wall while I work, I want to punch this accent wall in the face. Right in the face.

So we can’t paint over it, and basically all we can do is wait it out until we move and not have to stare at it any more. Except I’m going crazy from the grey so I decided to fudge the rules a little bit with some wall decals. Ha! Sticking it to the man with polka dots, y’all. That’s how we do. So these wall decals from WallsNeedLove are totally brilliant, and I’m now a super fan of giant stickers for your walls (my next brilliant idea is a faux wallpaper pattern in the bedroom).


Make Time: 1 Hour (for a small wall)

The decals come with awesome instructions and a little applicator tool, but just for kicks let’s talk it out. The instructions tell you to individually cut around each decal, start peeling a corner of the decal, and smooth it onto the wall with the tool while the rest of the decal peels away from the backing.

DIY Gold Confetti Wall

DIY Gold Confetti Wall

Full disclosure: I followed that process for the first three. Then I just started gently peeling them off the backing and putting them on the wall. Here’s what I think! I think if you’re working with a larger decal it would be crucial to apply them with the tool. But these little 2″ dots went on perfectly with the peel and stick method. So test it out and be careful!

For a confetti wall like this one, it’s kind of brilliant because you don’t have to measure anything. You can just put polka dots up willy nilly and keep taking a step back to be sure that you like how things are turning out. If you stick a decal on and decide it’s no good, gently use the edge of a craft knife to lift the decal off. I was able to reuse the decals that I peeled off without damaging them. Another little note: this wall has a bit of a texture to it, which is visible in the decals. I tested ahead of time to be sure that it wasn’t going to bug me, and I don’t mind it! So be sure you test a decal on your chosen wall first.

DIY Gold Confetti Wall

DIY Gold Confetti Wall

So get your confetti on until you like the arrangement! My eyeballs (and my heart) are so much happier now that there’s something cool happening on this giant grey wall. And for funsies, check out a little video of the whole thing coming together!

I want to hug the WallsNeedLove gang for fixing my can’t-paint-my-apartment-walls problem! Gold polka dots forever. xoxo

DIY Gold Confetti Wall

DIY Gold Confetti Wall

DIY Gold Confetti Wall

This post is sponsored by WallsNeedLove. All opinions are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the sponsors who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

  1. elaine costa on said:

    What a GREAT IDEA!!! That looks gooooood.

  2. Whitney on said:

    oh my cuteness!! this looks fantastic Chels!!

  3. I adore this wall! I have a way-too-white blank wall that I stare at as well. I’ve done nothing because I can’t figure out what to do. I’ve seen wall stickers, but didn’t know they came in more simple designs like polka dots. Ah I’m going to buy them asap!

  4. Fran on said:

    Renting is the worst! I see so many ideas I cannot do because I don’t own my own house but this idea is ace. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Joelle on said:

    I love this idea! We’re moving in a few months, so I can’t do much for my space just yet, but I’m looking forward to doing some decals or (gasp!) even temporary wallpaper in our next space! I love love love the gold polka dots though – right up my alley! xoxo

  6. Nina on said:

    It’s so hard to decorate the way you want while renting. We’re not even allowed to put posters on the wall in case the blu tack leaves marks. Do you know if the wall decals come off cleanly over time?

  7. Kelly on said:

    This is so awesome! I love it! Perfect way to cheat the system.

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    • chelsea on said:

      Hi Megan,
      This particular video is a stop motion film, so they’re actually all photographs. I set up my camera on a tripod and use a remote shutter to snap a photo every so often. Then you can load all of the photos into iMovie (or a similar program) and animate them so that they create a stop motion. There are some great tutorials online with more detail!

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  15. Laura on said:

    This is great! Also – where did you get that lovely little square calendar?

  16. Emily on said:

    I looked up the dots. How many sets of 72 did you use?

  17. Natalie on said:

    I have been looking everywhere for these dots! I came across your blog thru a pin from Pinterest. Thanks so much for the link to the store and for posting this blog entry. I bought my dots last night!!

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  22. Kathy Lehtinen on said:

    looking for dots for my Granddaughters room. Colors must be pinks and greens. What have you got?

    • chelsea on said:

      Hi Kathy! Follow the link to WallsNeedLove and look around on their site a bit — they have lots of different color choices! 🙂

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