DIY Don’t-Pinch-Me Barrette

DIY Don't-Pinch-Me Barrette

Here’s the deal. I always forget St. Patrick’s Day. Leading up to it, I’m totally on the ball — and then on the day of, I always find myself greenless and getting pinched. So I’m taking a stand. And obviously, making an accessory. Duh.

If you always get stuck without a stitch of green, you should definitely make one of these little guys. Consider it your protection. I have your back, you guys. All you need is a barrette, a glue gun, and whatever little green goodies you have around your house. Think glitter, sequins, beads, ribbon, embroidery thread — you get the picture.

DIY Don't-Pinch-Me Barrette

Start by wrapping your barrette with something to cover the metal portion. Embroidery thread or ribbon work well. Glue down the ends and make sure they are secure.

DIY Don't-Pinch-Me Barrette

DIY Don't-Pinch-Me Barrette

Cover any bald spots with glitter or sequins. Just put a big ol’ pile of hot glue on there and dip it in some glitter. Boom. Use a few little pieces to jazz up one end of the barrette.

DIY Don't-Pinch-Me Barrette

DIY Don't-Pinch-Me Barrette

Done! Just don’t forget to clip it in your hair on the 17th! xoxo

DIY Don't-Pinch-Me Barrette

DIY Don't-Pinch-Me Barrette

DIY Don't-Pinch-Me Barrette

  1. This is so cute for St. Patrick’s day!!! I’ll have to try to make one!!

  2. Laurel on said:

    I love this! Going to make me one!!! ps. love the way your hair is styled in this shoot..beautiful!

  3. Elaine Costa on said:

    I love the hairstyle, too. 🙂 This barette is so bright and happy, love it!

  4. Shoko on said:

    so incredibly cute!

  5. brittni on said:

    Cute! I need to make one of these. I always forget about wearing green on St Patrick’s Day. P.S. I have those crane scissors too. The best.

  6. So cute idea and wonderful photos as always! Have a happy day and thank you for sharing!

  7. rachel on said:

    I love those types of clips because they are so strong but never wear them out because they look too industrial or something. Love this way of transforming them.

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  9. Very creative. I like the color, so cute.

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