Palm Springs Style

Do you ever have trouble packing for a trip? So often I’ll think that I did a great job packing and then get to a place and have all the wrong stuff. Or feel like I look like an alien. I remember one recent trip back to visit friends in NYC. My California was showing […]

Travel // Ojai

Oh, Ojai. Where do I start? Really, it’s a tiny little town. Village-y, if you will. But it’s like the perfect little snack of a place to go for a few days to recharge. It’s like a vacay appetizer. We took off on a Tuesday from LA, and would have been there in an hour […]

Taco Party at the Ace Hotel with Minted

The Ace Hotel is one of those places that I see so much online I feel like I almost had been there already when I saw it in person. We were working with the awesome team from Minted to put together a little dinner during Meet/Make/Do, and when we saw that the Ace has what […]

Travel // Off to Ojai

Image from Ojai Rancho Inn. Oh haaayyyy, Ojai! I know, I know, a super original joke. I just can’t help it. I’m taking off today for a teeny mini-vacay with Mr. Lovely, and we’re heading just a bit outside the city to Ojai. Can’t wait for some time to relax, chill out, get recharged, and […]

Out & About // Hinoki & the Bird

Happy President’s Day! Since today’s a big beautiful vacation day for most of you, I thought I’d just share a bit about what Mr. Lovely and I did on Valentine’s Day. We wanted to do something a tiny bit special but still pretty chill, so we headed to a V-Day lunch at a spot we’ve […]

Out & About // Little Tokyo

It had been way too long since Mr. Lovely and I went out for a mini adventure, so we decided to explore a part of LA that we hadn’t gotten to know too well. We’ve stopped in Little Tokyo here and there in the past for a quick errand, but this time we found a […]

Out & About // Dell’Osso Pumpkin Farm

A trip to the Dell’Osso Pumpkin Farm has become a tradition with my sister’s family, and this year we took our tiny new nephew, too! If you’re in the California Central Valley (or even the Bay Area), this place is worth a drive to spend a day running around. There’s so much to do, and […]