Travel Oahu // Where to Eat

I love traveling somewhere and eating like the locals do. We tried as best we could on Oahu to stay away from the tourist traps and hit some off-the-beaten-path spots for killer eats that you can’t get anywhere else. (Although we fully admit to having Starbucks breakfast sandwiches on multiple occasions.) If you’re traveling to […]

Travel Oahu // Things to Do

Before we get too far into this, let’s be real – Mr. Lovely and I went to Hawaii to chill out on the beach together. And that’s mostly what we did. But we did have a rental car and got around quite a bit as well, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite […]

Travel Oahu // Planes, Hotels, and Cars

Oh man. The week after a vacation is tough, isn’t it? While we’re diligently working to get our brains out of beach mode and back into work mode, I wanted to share some more of our Hawaii trip! I always look to blogs for the ins and outs of a place when I’m traveling, so […]

Happy Friday + Pieces of Hawaii

We have one more day on Oahu and we’re gonna make the most of it! Mr. Lovely and I have been having a pretty swell time, running around the island hiking and beaching and exploring. Thought I’d share a few early snaps from our phones, while we are soaking up our remaining time here. Catch […]

Off To Hawaii

Here we go! It’s been way too long since Mr. Lovely and I hopped on a plane for an adventure somewhere. I’m so, so excited to spend the week on Oahu, and so thankful for all of the awesome tips you guys had! Can’t thank you enough for all of the recommendations — we’re so […]

Travel // Malibu

We took an impromptu trip to Malibu with some friends over the weekend for some breezy ocean air, seafood, and hiking. And it was beautiful. I was so taken with the adventure of the day that I didn’t get my camera out much — especially at lunch. But suffice it to say, if you’re ever […]

Travel // Strawberry, CA

Last weekend Mr. Lovely and I hopped in the truck with my dad (Papa Lovely? Ha!) and headed up to our family’s cabin in Strawberry, California. Strawberry is a teeny little mountain town, with a population of just over 100 people. There’s one restaurant, one gas station, and a whole lotta trees. But it’s just […]