This Week

It was a bowl-of-glitter-on-your-desk type of week, y’all! I’m not really sure what exactly that means, but any time there’s a bowl of gold glitter around it makes you feel a little festive, you know? And also a little terrified that it’s going to tip over and make a disco mess all over the place at […]

This Week

We got some fun news this week — Lovely Indeed is a top ten finalist for Better Homes and Gardens’ DIY blogger award! The other finalists are very fancy, awesome bloggers (and I’m proud to call lots of them my good pals!). If you’re in a voting mood, head right over here and vote it […]

This Week

Oh my dears! I’m officially back, after so many lovely and incredible guest posters have been holding down the fort for the last few weeks. Didn’t you seriously love having them and seeing everybody’s talents on display? I’m so grateful to each of them, and I’m also so happy to be back full time! This was […]

This Week

Geez! Days and weeks are flying by right now. It’s insane! I feel like there are a million things to do and they’re all wonderful — I get to hang out with the babe and my husband, keep settling into the new house, tackle lots of fun work opportunities here on the blog, see my family […]

This Week // Happy Halloween!

Hey ya spooks! What are you guys doing for Halloween tonight? I remember the days when I would be getting all set to head out to this or that Halloween party, probably in a homemade costume that coordinated with Mr. Lovely. This year, I’m pumped to be in our house with a giant bowl full […]

This Week // 35

Sooooo that’s my niece up there. Wearing her little Halloween leggings and dress… and a giant panda head. Because those are the types of things that happen around here. We have a friend who happened to have access to a giant panda costume for the last year or so, and Mr. Lovely asked her about […]

This Week // 34

There are currently just not enough hours in the day, and that’s all there is to it. But! Only beautiful things are happening and so I am deciding to just let myself be grateful for being in a really busy and full season. We celebrated Ryan’s 30th birthday this week, and I’m so glad he’s […]