Comfy Heels for Fall

So remember when Kim Kardashian was pregnant and running around wearing super high heels and everyone was all upset about it? I’m starting to understand where she was coming from. I mean, swollen and achy feet or not, sometimes you just want to step it up a notch. Not to mention the fact that I’ve […]

Is It Fall Yet?

I always jump the gun on fall. Especially the clothes. I love summer, but by the end of it I’m always ready to move on to the next season. I remember one particular first day of school in 5th or 6th grade, I was so pumped to wear this new fall outfit. My mom helped me […]

Palm Springs Style

Do you ever have trouble packing for a trip? So often I’ll think that I did a great job packing and then get to a place and have all the wrong stuff. Or feel like I look like an alien. I remember one recent trip back to visit friends in NYC. My California was showing […]

Anthropologie Valentine’s Day Giveaway

Ohhhhhh my gosh. I’m crazy bonkers excited to share this next giveaway with you lovelies. After we collaborated with Anthropologie for a giveaway during the holidays, it became clear to me that you all are just as in love with them as I am. So I’m incredibly happy that we’ve teamed up again to share […]

Style // Alt Wishlist

Here it comes, folks. The season where blogland is all abuzz about that crazy little conference we like to call Alt. If it’s new to you, Alt is a design and blogging conference held in late January in Salt Lake City. And when I say conference, I basically mean a three-day party/fashion show/blogging bootcamp. Naturally, […]

Cozies for Fall

We finally have gotten a little bit of actual fall weather this month in LA (not that I’m complaining!), and I got all excited and pulled out every sweater I own. I always go way overboard and as soon as there’s a day that’s vaguely overcast or two raindrops fall, I’m bundled up from head to toe. […]

Style // Mix & Match Accessories

A while back, when we held an event at CRAFTED, the folks there were kind enough to show us this gorgeous warehouse space they have next door to the marketplace. They hold special events there, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. The second I walked in I knew I wanted to come back and shoot some photos […]