Spring (Closet) Cleaning

Spring is just the perfect time to hit the refresh button, isn’t it? All winter long I’ve been living in grays and blacks and my closet looks like this monochromatic wasteland. With the brighter days we’ve been having (today feels like summer!) my wardrobe has just been begging for a little update, so I’m starting […]

Easter Best

I feel like, ever since I was a little girl, picking out my Easter outfit was a majorly important choice. It had to be just right — springy and fresh but warm enough if there was a chill in the air, and you definitely had to have some new Easter shoes. Easter shoes are key, you guys. […]

Don’t Get Pinched

Do you remember St. Patrick’s Day when you were in elementary school? At my school it was absolutely imperative that you wear some form of green — not only to avoid getting pinched, but just to show some holiday spirit in general. We were apparently a very spirited bunch. I remember a group of us being on […]

Post-Baby Dates

Now that we’re getting a handle on having baby Henry around, Mr. Lovely and I are doing our best to get out on our own for little dates here and there. We snuck out recently just to grab a cup of tea downtown. I’m not gonna lie, I miss the little guy when we are […]

Comfy Heels for Fall

So remember when Kim Kardashian was pregnant and running around wearing super high heels and everyone was all upset about it? I’m starting to understand where she was coming from. I mean, swollen and achy feet or not, sometimes you just want to step it up a notch. Not to mention the fact that I’ve […]

Is It Fall Yet?

I always jump the gun on fall. Especially the clothes. I love summer, but by the end of it I’m always ready to move on to the next season. I remember one particular first day of school in 5th or 6th grade, I was so pumped to wear this new fall outfit. My mom helped me […]

Palm Springs Style

Do you ever have trouble packing for a trip? So often I’ll think that I did a great job packing and then get to a place and have all the wrong stuff. Or feel like I look like an alien. I remember one recent trip back to visit friends in NYC. My California was showing […]