How to Find the Good Stuff at a Yard Sale

I love going to yard sales. Like, looooooove it. (I also love hosting yard sales, but that’s a conversation for a different day.) I don’t know why really, but it’s one of my favorite things to do with Mr. Lovely on a weekend morning. Maybe it’s the thrill of the hunt? Or the fact that […]

Cool Baby

Sooooo when did baby stuff get so cool? I think of baby gear and I think of bright plastic and things that buzz and bonk and flash, but Pinterest has me going down a rabbit hole of kid stuff that I would gladly put in my grown up room. I swear, the babies on Pinterest […]

A Few Good Gifts

We’re about to enter what I lovingly call “wedding season.” I feel like the months of June through about September are always jam-packed with people getting hitched, and this year is no exception — we’re invited to five weddings in the coming months! So naturally, it’s also wedding shower season and anniversary season. You know where […]

Summer Stripes

I swear, you show me a blue and white striped anything, and I’m immediately sold. It’s not even necessarily my usual vibe (seeing as how I’m part hippie), but there’s something that’s just irresistible about the whole nautical theme. So long story short, Old Navy is nailing it for me right now in the summer staples department. […]

Saving Face

Honesty bomb: I have bad skin. I have my whole life. I remember when I got engaged the very first thing I did was make an appointment with a dermatologist because the only thing I could think of was how frustrated I’d be if I had to worry about breakouts on my wedding day. If […]

Itching for Summer

The weather in Los Angeles lately has been just warm enough to have me dreaming of summer. I’m not pulling out all of my sundresses just yet, but you can bet I’ve been trolling my favorite online shops and daydreaming about dressing for warmer days. One of the things I love most, most, most about summer is […]