Grouped // Dreamy Summer

This edition of Grouped is straight from my recent Pinterest boards! Apparently I’m ready for summer, because I’ve been pinning the dreamiest bunch of colorful scenes. I just want to jump into some of these photos! Pillow. Bike. Ice. Plant girl. Turntable. Toms. Diamond. Water. I think everything I’d need to have an awesome summer […]

Grouped // Sea Foam

I haven’t done a Grouped post in a while, and a look back through my Pinterest boards had me realizing that I’ve definitely been in a color mood lately! There’s this special sort of blue-green that I’ve been into, and it’s weird but I sort of associate it with California. It’s kind of got a […]

Grouped // Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! So give me the dirt — do you guys love Valentine’s Day, or do you find it annoyingly full of hearts/flowers/chocolate/couples? I’ve never celebrated it in a huge way, but I do love love, so I like to give it a little nod. And to that end, here’s a mini Valentine celebration […]

Grouped // Blingy

Apparently, I’m into jewels these days. A quick look back at my Pinterest boards had me giggling as bling after bling rolled by. I don’t know what it is! Maybe it’s the holidays or the new year that makes it a little more okay to get glamorous. Or maybe my tastes are just changing a […]

grouped // animal farm

You guys know how badly I want a dog. I think that my unfulfilled pet wishes are starting to rear their ugly heads on my Pinterest boards, where a full-blown menagerie is starting to congregate. Except these are mostly ones you can wear. Who wouldn’t want a little rhinoceros hanging around her neck? And that […]

grouped // say cheese

There are cute cameras everywhere these days! I’ve been pinning them left and right, and it seems like I keep finding more and more that I love. I love that vintage-style photography has had a resurgence and that there are new and cool ways to take photos. (And I especially love that DIY camera print!) […]

grouped // bag lady

So apparently, I’m craving a new bag. My Pinterest is exploding with the most gorgeous carry-alls, in all shapes and sizes. Any favorites? I just love the yellow pouch with the sassy poodle on the back! xoxo 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.